The Void Weaver

The Void Weaver

Their enemy is getting away. Their danger is just getting started…


Alice is in hiding. Holed up in a magically-protected house without her main weapon, the supernatural bounty hunter wants nothing more than to hunt Nyx down. But her enemy is in hiding too, and without her powers the dangerous Pain Children are more than a match for her.

When Alice learns that Isaac Moreau remains in Magistrate custody, she has no choice but to follow Nyx’s trail without backup. Her only chance to catch the villain may lie in Isaac’s attempt to learn the dark, deadly secret of the Void. His failure could get them all killed in the process.

The Void Weaver is the second book in the Half-Lich series, a set of Urban Fantasy Paranormal Thrillers. If you like intriguing characters, supernatural monsters, and sizzling chemistry, then you’ll love Dignam and Martinez’ next thrilling installment that draws comparisons to Ella Summers, Ilona Andrews, and Patricia Briggs!

What are readers saying about the Half-Lich series:

"This is Urban Fantasy at its best."
"Paranormal how it's supposed to be done; it seems to me like the 'mature' ideal to which all paranormal books aspire, not only in meticulous editing but in content as well."
"This is not your cookie cutter story line. Fresh and New Urban Fantasy that will get you hooked instantly."

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