Dark Siren

Dark Siren

A nightmarish realm. A city of monsters. One girl’s soul caught in the middle.

Supernatural bounty hunter Alice Werner loves her job. She gets paid the big bucks to take down her targets, and Alice doesn’t ask her clients too many questions as long as the money’s good. But when a girl goes missing and the case feels all too familiar, Alice can’t help but act.

Concern for the girl’s safety draws her into a risky case. Compassion keeps her involved when the stakes begin to rise. Desperation forces her to call on an old flame for help. Despite their unfinished past, Alice and Isaac Moreau, a prominent Mage, must work together to save the girl.

When clues reveal more than meets the eye, Alice must face her deepest fears and confront demons from her past to protect the victim, and herself, from a fate worse than death.

Dark Siren is the first book of the Soul Eater Urban Fantasy series, a collection of tales set in the grim, unforgiving metropolis of Ashwood. A supernatural thriller like no other, if you like mysterious supernatural creatures, fast-paced suspense, and conflict-ridden romance, then you’ll love Dignam and Martinez’ otherworldly series starter.

What are readers saying about Dark Siren:

"Dark Siren is one of the best Urban Fantasy novels I have read in a long time."
"This was one of the most intriguing novels I've read so far this year."
"This is not your cookie cutter story line. Fresh and New Urban Fantasy that will get you hooked instantly."

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