Dark Siren

From the rich minds of Katerina Martinez and Lee Dignam, writers whose work readers are comparing to Patricia Briggs and Jim Butcher, comes "DARK SIREN", the first book in a collection of series set in the brutal, unforgiving metropolis of Ashwood.

Supernatural bounty hunter Alice Werner loves her job. She gets paid the big bucks to take down her targets and doesn’t ask her clients too many questions as long as the money’s good. But when a girl goes missing and the case feels all too familiar, Alice can’t help but act. This is a supernatural thriller like no other. "Paranormal fantasy how it should be done," according to some reviewers. If you haven't done so yet, get yourself a copy today!

The Void Weaver

They walk the paths even mages fear to tread. They commune with entities capable of godlike feats of cruelty or benevolence. They map the darkness beyond the reach of humans, and only they can protect us against the things that live there. But they all died long ago...

"The Void Weaver" picks up after the events of Dark Siren, and promises to deliver more of what made its predecessor an instant hit. This book will be available for purchase on August 30th, but if you want to jump in early, the book is also available for a special pre-order only price right now. Go ahead and grab yourself a copy

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